Big Blue Trunk offers a range of creative upcycling & painting workshops for corporates and teams. These team building workshops are designed to be fun & relaxing for everyone, irrespective of artistic experience.

From a one-of-a-kind furniture upcycling challenge to designing and painting a tea tray to a happy gin tasting & painting experience, there's something for everyone. Discover each other's unique styles, create something beautiful and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed!

Team workshops can be customized for team sizes of 2 - 25 people. We can host workshops at our beautiful Studio at Cluny Court for upto 10 people, or we can bring the workshop to your location.

Watch A Video Of A Team Workshop We Hosted

For more information such as duration and pricing of Team Workshops, please write to
us at or whatsapp us at +65 91236253

"We chose Big Blue Trunk to do a team activity - and what fun it turned out to be! We attended a customized workshop that helped us learn some basic Annie Sloan techniques that we could then use to paint a tray. Not only was the session super interesting and taught us something new, it also really helped the team see a very different creative side of each other, and our personalities shine through the work of art that we ended up doing! (lovely lovely trays by the way!) Deepti was excellent - patiently taking us through our million questions, helping us choose colours, suggesting styling tips et al. Definitely one of the best activities we've done together as a team!"

- Team Lead, Google Singapore


Upcycling furniture is fun, relaxing and creative. In this workshop, participants will work together in small teams to upcycle a piece of furniture into a work of art using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Each team will get to design their own furniture piece - choosing colors, finishes and styles - and learn the techniques of painting and finishing furniture. It's good for the environment, and great for the soul!

(This workshop can be conducted for individuals or teams facing off for an exciting upcycling challenge)

Watch a video of the Ultimate Upcycling Challenge


A unique gin tasting & art experience. Glass in one hand, brush in the other - team activities have never looked better! In partnership with a premium Artisanal Spirits brand, Big Blue Trunk has put together a unique tasting experience - curated gins from around the world, each paired with a beautiful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color.

Participants will sample upto 3 gins with mixers and understand their origin, distillation process and botanicals; all while learning how to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to design and paint their own decorative object such as a plant pot or a cheese/serving platter.

This is a creative and fun workshop, set in an open and exploratory atmosphere, at the end of which participants get to take home their hand-painted piece. Brushes & Botanicals is perfect for a relaxed team experience!


In this workshop, participants will learn how to design and paint a small decorative object of their choice using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. They can choose from a variety of objects such as plant pots, photo frames, trinket boxes, and small trays.

Our team will guide the participants to choose a style and colors for their item, teach them how to use Chalk Paint and other decorative techniques to completely transform these everyday objects into custom pieces of art that they get to take home with them.

An easy and quick workshop, participants leave feeling relaxed and satisfied, and inspired seeing their teammates creations.


In this freestyle workshop, participants will learn how to dye fabric using Shibori, a Japanese discipline of resist dyeing, and the art of traditional block printing on fabric using hand-carved wooden blocks from India. For dyeing and block printing, participants will create dyes using beautiful colors from our range of non-toxic Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

This workshop can be customized for your team - you can choose to dye and block print on a set of cloth napkins, t-shirts, scarves, tote bags or any other small fabric item that’s made of cotton. We will have a range of colors and blocks for participants to choose from and design their own fabric.

This is a one-of-a-kind workshop where participants have a relaxed and creative experience at the end of which they take home their beautiful creations.

Watch a Video of the Shibori & Block Printing Workshop


At Big Blue Trunk, we want to inspire everyone to get creative. In this artsy workshop, we'll guide participants to identify their style and create a unique work of art using several decorative painting techniques.

Participants can bring their own image (family, friends, pets, kids, a logo etc) to customize their masterpiece, learning various techniques such as stenciling and metal leaf gilding. It’s fun to discover your teammates' creative styles and personalities through a work of art.

Make Your Own Masterpiece is perfect for those looking to spend a few joyful hours dabbling in color, getting artsy and painting away their stress!



“The workshop was a lovely experience for me personally, but also great for team bonding. I have been dabbling with painting furniture at home as it’s extremely therapeutic, and the workshop brought out so many new techniques that I picked up.
My team enjoyed it, took away a new hobby and we all got to see each other’s creative side, which you don’t often get to explore in a work environment. All in all, it was fun, engaging and something to remember as a group!”

- Team Lead, one of the Big 4 Consulting Firms

For more information such as duration and pricing of Team Workshops, please write to
us at or whatsapp us at +65 91236253

All our Team Workshops are facilitated by Deepti Chadda, Founder of Big Blue Trunk and her team.

About Deepti:

Deepti is the Founder of Big Blue Trunk, and has been leading the D.I.Y movement in S.E Asia as a sustainable and creative way of living for the last 4 years. An MBA from INSEAD, ex-Googler, and proud mum to 2 little girls, she spends her days making everyday beautiful for customers at Big Blue Trunk.
An Annie Sloan customer herself for 7 years, she decided to switch from her corporate career to become an entrepreneur and hasn’t looked back since. A highlight of her journey was when she spent a week training with Annie Sloan in Oxford on everything Chalk Paint®, and another was when her work at Big Blue Trunk was featured on the front page of Life by the Straits Times in 2021.
Started in 2018, Big Blue Trunk brings the joy of colorful living to every home with its range of DIY & home decor brands, creative workshops and furniture upcycling services.

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