IKEA Hacks

Whether you want to be more sustainable, or you've got a renovation budget you need to stick to, the best IKEA hacks are an affordable and simple way to give a room fresh appeal without breaking the bank.

Not only are these easy D.I.Y projects easy on your bank account, they also ensure your home boasts a chic style with a cool injection of personality that's unique to you. After all, nobody wants to have exactly the same furniture as all of the neighbours.

Questions we get asked very often are whether it is possible to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on IKEA furniture - “Can I paint without sanding?” “Do I need to prime?” “Do I need to sand before using chalk paint?”

You can paint on almost every type of IKEA furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! Chalk Paint has exceptional sticking power, so you can paint on smooth surfaces with no fuss - clean, paint, wax and you are done! If the surface you’re painting is really shiny, give it a quick scuffing with sand paper to roughen the surface and then paint away.

DIY Colour Block Storage - by Ashley from SUGAR & CLOTH

An IKEA Hack DIY Colour Block Storage to add a pop of colour while organising (and hiding) all your arts and crafts, toys, supplies and more!

This was done with the IKEA Besta cabinets or you can use similar cabinets of your choice.

You can achieve this look with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, in colours of your choice. We would recommend the Annie Sloan Flat Brush for a smooth, contemporary finish or the Annie Sloan Sponge Roller if you prefer. For a matte finish, apply Chalk Paint Clear Wax after the paint has dried, or Chalk Paint Gloss Lacquer for a semi-gloss finish. Once everything is dry, you’re all set to use your new & bright storage cabinet!

Grid stool makeover - by Steph from MAKE + TELL

Regardless of your DIY skill level, this is a fun and inexpensive way to give that old stool a little facelift. You can do this on stools of all shapes and sizes. The one shown here is the IKEA Kyrre stool

Besides Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Brushes, you will need painter’s tape or masking tape to mark off any areas of your stool that you don’t want painted. Clean your stool thoroughly and give it a couple of coats of your favourite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colour. This Stool has been painted in colours similar to Annie Sloan Athenian Black and Pure White.

Once the paint is dry, place painter’s tape on the seat of your stool in a thin stripe pattern. Mark your lines starting from the centre of the seat and work your way outwards. This way, you’ll ensure there’s an even number of grid lines on each side of the stool. Make sure your painter’s tape is well stuck down, then paint in the lines you marked out with a paint brush (use a paint colour that contrasts well with the colour of your stool’s seat for the best effect).

Once the lines have dried, use painter’s tape to mark out another set of lines going in the opposite direction. Then paint in the lines. Once your second set of lines has dried, remove the painter’s tape to reveal your grid pattern. Give the seat of your stool a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax or Lacquer and you’re done!

IKEA Dresser Makeover - by Rachel from THE CRAFTED LIFE

Instead of splurging on a new dresser, why not give your old one a beautiful makeover? You can easily paint over an old dresser to give it a new lease of life, without the fuss of prepping. With Chalk Paint you can paint furniture that was previously painted, waxed, varnished or lacquered. This classic Tarva dresser is made of untreated wood making the painting process super easy since the surface is already prepped! Remove the drawers and hardware before painting. You can find similar dressers here.

You can recreate this look with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Customise your own soft pink by mixing Pure White with Capri Pink or perhaps play with the beautiful shades of blues or greens available. Give the dresser two coats of paint, and once your paint is completely dry, seal it with Chalk Paint Wax or Lacquer. This is especially important if you plan on having items on top of the dresser. It’ll make it easier to clean and prevent scratches at the same time. You can also add some fun knobs to give the dresser a fresh, new look!

One colour-block bookcase styled two ways - by Joy from oh joy!

Give a plain bookcase a fun colour-block makeover! You can find similar bookcases here.

All you will need is your bookcase or cabinet, 4 - 5 of your favourite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours, your trusty Annie Sloan paint brush, painter’s tape and Chalk Paint Wax or Lacquer to finish.

With painters tape, tape off the front of the cabinet. Paint each cube a different colour and let it dry completely. You will need to do two coats of each colour. Once the bookcase is dry, apply Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax or Lacquer to seal and protect the paint. The wax also emphasises the depth of the colour and gives the piece a beautiful mellow finish, or you can buff it to a high sheen after a couple of days.

Oktober 20, 2022 — Deepti Chadda

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