Confetti Confetti

A few weeks ago, we acquired a cute antique bureau from an auntie who has had it in her family for more than 50 years. Dusty and old but full of character, with hidden compartments and little drawers. We were so excited! Our makeover plan started with a neutral concept - Graphite paired with Duck Egg Blue and a chalkboard table top to keep it interesting. Something that would appeal to everyone and fit into most homes. Maybe even slightly boring, but safe. Well...

It just so happens that all of us at Big Blue Trunk love everything that's happy and bright - neons, unicorns and sunshine. And so our finished piece turned out to be quite different from where we started. Instead of the neutrals, we went with fresh pastels and pops of bright colour. We thought why not give it a fun transformation, something that surprises and delights. And what better way to do that than with neon confetti and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®? So we went for it >>>

Here is how we transformed this bureau:

Since it was a very old piece, we took some precautionary steps and filled all the holes with wood filler, and treated it with anti-termite oil. We gave it a quick rub down with Annie Sloan Sanding Pads, cleaned it with warm soapy water and then started painting.

We chose a combination of fresh pastels - Lem Lem mixed with a bit of Pure White and Antoinette for the outside, and Pure White for the inside. The Lem Lem and Antoinette took two coats of paint while the Pure White took three coats as the wood was very dark. Since we wanted a textured look and had a lot of corners/carvings to paint, we used the Pure Bristle Brush. Once the paint was dry we sealed it using the Chalk Paint Clear Wax applied with the Wax Brush

Then came the fun part....I had leftover Meri Meri confetti from my daughter's first birthday and it was gorgeous - gold, pink, neon yellow and green. We used Annie Sloan's Image Medium to decoupage the confetti all over the inside of the bureau. Pure White was the perfect background for the confetti circles to really pop. A couple of hours, 5 coats of image medium later and there it was - yes, we did go a little crazy with the confetti!

For the last few touches - did you know that any of the colours in the Chalk Paint® range can be used to make a chalkboard surface on furniture or walls? With the right technique, its very easy to do! We applied 4 very thin watered down coats of Antoinette on the door of the bureau with half an hour drying time between each coat. Once dry, we conditioned the surface by rolling a piece of chalk across it and then wiped it clean with a damp rag. And just like that - the chalkboard was ready! Hello there :)

It still felt like something was missing... a touch of gold, perhaps? The carvings and metal knobs looked very flat against the pastels and bright confetti. Annie Sloan Bright Gold Gilding Wax to the rescue! We applied the gilding wax using our fingers and a fine brush as a border for the chalkboard, to cover the metal knobs on the doors and to highlight the wood carvings. 

Finally... we were done. From an old dark bureau to a fresh and fun piece of furniture!

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Making of the Big Blue Trunk

If you read Our Story, you'll recall meeting a little girl who loved making stuff; a DIYer at heart she was always looking for ways to bring beauty to everyday life...she grew up, and after several years in corporate life and many fun adventures, she's now living her dream with the Big Blue Trunk. 

'Big Blue Trunk' because her favourite colour is blue, and she does have a soft spot for trunks of all kinds, especially those filled with treasure. And Big sounded nice in front of Blue Trunk - so there you have it. Big Blue Trunk.

It was fitting that her brand mascot would be an actual Big Blue Trunk. So the hunt for a trunk began - something old, with a story to tell. She chanced upon a young woman who was selling her grandmother's vintage trunk from the '50s. It was perfect!

She wanted the trunk to represent the ocean -  smell the salty breeze, hear the crashing waves and feel the wet sand. All shades of blue, some of green and a touch of gold. A few hours of work with the fantastic Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® range, and her Big Blue Trunk was ready!

Here is how she and her team refurbished the trunk:

  • The varnish and wood on the trunk was chipping in places, so they used the Annie Sloan sanding pads to take off all the flaking bits and smoothen the surfaces.
  • They filled the cracks and holes with wood filler and then sanded it down. 
  • Since the trunk was very old, they gave it a quick coat of water-based primer to prevent stains from coming through the paint in the future.
  • Then it was time to paint - and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® range offered the most beautiful shades of blues and greens. A coat of Napoleonic blue on the outside, followed by dry brushing Greek Blue, Louis Blue and Provence on top. All the colours were blended together with water. Once this base coat dried, they did another layer of dry brushing with Greek Blue and Provence.
  • The inside was painted a bright and happy English Yellow
  • To give the trunk a textured finish with brush stroked and ridges, they used the Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush Small
  • To seal the paint, they used Annie Sloan Clear Chalk Paint, applied with the Annie Sloan Wax Brush
  • The final finish was given by dry brushing Annie Sloan Gilding Wax in Bright Gold on all the metal fittings, corners and edges of the trunk. 

If you would like to learn the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® method, register for one of our Workshops