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We’ve been gearing up to run our creative workshops this year, but like many businesses in Singapore, it’s been a stop-start kind of routine as we adapt to ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions. So we were thrilled to kick-start some of our regular workshops for customers and to host a very fun team corporate workshop— the first of what we hope will be many for 2022! 

We had a 5-person team from a management consulting firm, who decided to wrap up their year with a Chalk Paint workshop at Big Blue Trunk. They selected from tea trays and trinket boxes, which they designed and upcycled with Chalk Paint.  

Over the course of a two-and-a-half hour workshop, our founder Deepti ran the participants through design options and decorative painting techniques - from stencilling, to IOD transfers and subtle touches of metallic gilding wax. And then it was time to let everyone unleash their creativity!

We were incredibly heartened by the approach taken by every participant. We had a graphite black tray finished with floral stenciling and butterflies in Emperor’s Silk and English Yellow with gold gilding wax along the edges; a soothing combination of Arles, Chateau Grey and Barcelona Orange for a lush finish on the other tray with a dreamcatcher motif in its centre. 

The trinket boxes saw a whole range of selections, from an English yellow base with Capri Pink flowers in stencilling, a pastel finish with patterns and an Oxford Navy box with the Lemon Drops IOD Transfer and stencilling along the edges for a piece that popped. Everyone relaxed, joked, talked and dove right in with paint and brushes! 

We then showed the participants how to “seal in” Chalk Paint with Clear Wax so that their works of art would stay in good condition despite heavy use. The session ended with lots of laughter when we asked the participants if they’d part with their finished pieces... Would they give it to someone special as a gift? Perhaps sell it and get into some more chalk painting projects?

We hope to see more teams join us for our creative workshops. There’s one thing we can guarantee - with Chalk Paint, everyone can get creative and have fun. Once you start, you just can't stop and there begins your happy DIY journey! 

Watch our Instagram Reel for more glimpses from this fun team workshop

- Written by Vinita Ramani for Big Blue Trunk

1月 21, 2022 — Deepti Chadda

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