Cocolux Candle - Bergamot, Lily and Moss 350g


"Clean burning coconut oil candle by Cocolux Australia
100 g / 3.5 oz - Burn Time 25hrs

INFORMATION: Cocolux is created to capture the essence of nature and raw luxury. Each candle is clean burning, with a pure cotton wick and is infused with a hint of the finest fragrance.

STYLE: Citrus/Fougère

SCENT: Like a walk through the woods on a fresh, dewy morning this earthy, androgynous aroma features ​strong, masculine citrus and intense fern-like notes. This strong rich base is gently complimented by the uplifting top notes of perennial floral and Lily of the Valley.
Paraffin wax-free; palm wax-free; palm oil free; soy wax-free; gluten free.
Proudly cruelty-free
Not tested on animals
Made in Australia

WHO IS IT FOR: Anyone who is searching for an unique luxury scent experience from a brand that prides itself on a sustainable philosophy and ethical message